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Virtual Luxury Home Tours in Las Vegas


Enjoy virtual tours of luxury homes from the comfort of your own home.

Take a Luxury Model Home Virtual Tour

Luxury home virtual tours offer prospective buyers a first-person view of our gorgeous mansions and properties. At IS Luxury, we use the latest three-dimensional and VR technology available to create the most immersive, interactive experiences possible. Each luxury home 3D tour goes beyond still photographs to make you feel like you walking through each elegant space.

Ways To Enjoy Your Luxury 3D House Tour

Begin your convenient mansion 3D tour in dollhouse mode. This allows you to view the property from above or the side with all walls removed. You can gain new perspectives on the space, size, and proximity of each room in the house. Click on bubbles throughout the “dollhouse” to gain access to special views of unique spaces, vistas, alcoves, and more.

You can also view a classic floorplan, providing a perfect bird’s eye view, with the roof and ceilings removed. Unlike traditional floorplans or blueprints, this unique perspective features actual photos of the space. It is a more authentic way to engage with the property that would be impossible without the aid of technology.

During the tour, you can use the floor selector tool to toggle between floors of the house. Try using the floor selector while in both floorplan mode or dollhouse mode for a new view of the property.

Taking a 3D House Tour of a Luxury Property

The most compelling element of your mega mansion 3D tour is moving throughout the space as if you’re really there! While in floorplan or dollhouse mode, simply click on any location. You’ll immediately find yourself in the middle of the mansion, ready to explore.

You can click and drag anywhere on the screen to look around. Remember, it is a 3D tour, so you can explore the floors and ceilings, too. Move about the space by clicking on the dilute circles in each room. Each one grants you a new point of view, allowing you to enjoy the luxury home from a different angle.

Be on the lookout for a variety of icons, which offer more interactive ways to engage with the space. These include 360-degree views of outdoor spaces, photo galleries, and more.

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