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The Importance of Staging Your Luxury Home for Sale in Las Vegas

Selling a home can be a difficult feat—but staging your home for sale can make all the difference for a potential buyer who’s still on the fence. When it comes to selling your luxury home in Las Vegas, staging your home can be the final piece of the puzzle.

Here, we’ll share some of the benefits of staging a home, plus effective tips and tricks that you can use to lock in that sale.

Benefits of Staging a Home

If you’re in the process of selling your home, you may be wondering why staging even matters. The truth is if even you love your home, think it has good bones, or think that the basics of the house speak for itself, staging a home is more about psychology than facts.

You want to create an environment that potential buyers can visualize themselves living in. So, you have to use staging, interior design, and even color to help sell that vision.

According to a survey completed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 82% of buyer’s agents said that staging a house made it easier for them to visualize that house as a future home.

Another benefit of staging a home is that it increases the number of people who are willing to pay for it. That same NAR survey found that 23% of buyer’s agents said that staging increased the dollar value being offered by up to 5%.

How much does staging a home cost?

The cost of staging a home can vary depending on the area, if you use a professional staging service, and if you need to rent furniture to fill up a vacant home. But in general, HomeAdvisor estimates the cost of staging to be between roughly $780 and $2,800.

Furniture rentals can also cost around $2,000 a month or more. It depends on your area, how much furniture you need to rent, and how long you need it for. If you go for the full professional staging option, you can estimate that the total cost of staging your home will be around 1 to 1.25% of the home’s listing price.

If you opt not to use a professional home stager, you can likely reduce some of that cost using what you have, rearranging your furniture, and sprucing up your home.

Home Staging Tips

Whether you choose to stage your home yourself or use a professional staging service, here are some things to keep in mind as you go through this process:

1. Don’t forget about curb appeal

The outside of your home is the first impression potential buyers have of it, so you want to make sure it’s a good one. To spruce up your curb appeal, make sure that any landscaping you have is cared for and cleaned up—you’d be surprised at the impact this has!

If you don’t have a lot of natural landscaping, getting some new greenery or flowers can pack a big punch.

Another small change you can make that has a big impact is making sure your front door looks clean and modern. A thorough cleaning, fresh coat of paint, or new hardware can give an older door a facelift.

2. Rearrange and clean your furniture

A big part of staging is allowing your potential buyers to imagine that they live in your home, and the furniture in the space plays a big part in that.

But you don’t necessarily need to get all new furniture to make this happen; instead, try to freshen up the furniture you have. Make sure the upholstery and any throw pillows are freshly cleaned, and arrange your pieces in a way that is inviting and warm.

3. Think about color

Since you’re trying to make it easy for your potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home, the colors you choose matter a lot.

The best colors for staging a home are neutrals—whites, grays, and beiges. This makes it easy for your potential buyers to imagine their own furnishings and design in the space, and also can also potentially reduce their desire to repaint, which can be a selling point as well.

4. Depersonalize and declutter

When you’re staging a home for sale, use that as an opportunity to declutter your home. Get rid of anything you don’t need, and find storage for the things you do want to keep. As people view your home, you should try to keep it as neutral as possible, so you don’t want tons of personal items or clutter all over the place.

Sell your luxury home today

Staging a home is a key piece of any marketing strategy when it comes to selling your luxury home. If you’re ready to sell your Las Vegas home, list with IS Luxury today!

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