Sparrow+Wolf Stimulates Creativity and Conviviality in Las Vegas

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Chef Justin Kingsley-Hall is a "people person." He notes that he takes his inspiration from the active, creative, "soulful" and community-minded individuals who contribute in myriad ways to the vibrant Las Vegas lifestyle. When his highly-acclaimed restaurant, Sparrow+Wolf, opened in 2017, it was with the intention that it become a guest-centered dining experience focused on hospitality and creativity.

Today, that remains the goal.

The modern American dining spot is known for its commitment to seasonal ingredients, wood-fire preparation, spices and flavors borrowed from Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine and craft cocktails. Chef Kingsley-Hall notes that it is, in a sense, a return to primal cooking. He adds that his talented kitchen and dining room staff is a medley of talented people who do not take themselves too seriously. They shape a dining experience that allows each guest to feel like family.

The chef credits those community "do-ers," saying that it is the Las Vegas ambience that pushes him to do more. Cooking, at its best, he explains, is a way to bring people together around a table, to allow them to share not only a meal, but their lives, and to keep them talking.

Personally, he likes using a traditional rondeau (brazier pan) for both cooking and serving a meal. Set in the center of the table, he explains, it stimulates appetite, good conversation and conviviality.

That's exactly what happens at Sparrow+Wolf.