RELAX in Las Vegas

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It may not be the norm to think of Las Vegas as a center for wellness and holistic living, but that is exactly how Gloria Wild, D.HT. views this area. She insists that the desert surroundings and the night sky can be viewed as an oasis with great healing qualities. Anyone can -- and should -- tap into these benefits, she says. She speaks of the peace that can be felt when tuned in to nature, and insists that Las Vegas radiates with beneficial qualities.

Noting that de-stressing is important in daily life, Wild recommends that the best way to start and end each day is with three deep cleansing breaths as well as a conscious spirit of gratitude. When confronted by workplace or home-life stress, she recommends simply taking time to breathe and consider what we are thankful for.

Her personal formula for maintaining balance in her busy schedule is to "re-center" with a soothing warm bath. with the added benefits of essential oils and meditative music. She is an advocate for the healing qualities of aromatherapy, adding that the essential requirement is to find a place of peace in your own home.

That place might be a spa bathroom or a patio with awe-inspiring views, but it should be a space where you can "escape" to without distraction. This relaxation expert stresses that true relaxation extends to all the senses, rejuvenates both body and mind.

And, she insists, Las Vegas is an ideal place to do just that!