Real Estate Tips - Kitchen Staging Written by one of our top luxury home specialist, Denise Reichartz

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We all hear kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, well, they do!  There are quite a few simple changes you can make to update your kitchen without a complete overhaul.   Tips to successfully stage your kitchen:

  • Cleaning the kitchen is one of the best investments you can make when preparing your home to sell.  No cooking odors. Put a fresh lemon in the disposal! Ovens cleaned, shining faucets and sinks, scrub down the cabinets and floors. Clean the hood, backsplash, knobs.  Believe me, buyers open the doors to see if they will have to buy new appliances. Whether the refrigerator is staying or not, clean it out, put in a box of baking soda for odors.  
  • The kitchen should look more staged than practical, but in the short run, it will help to sell a home faster.  A good excuse to eat out or pick up!
  • Open your drapes, it needs to be the brightest and lightest.  Windows should be clean, burned out lightbulbs replaced, this goes for the oven, and under-counter lighting if applicable.
  • Fresh flowers on the counter, no fake flowers, perhaps two small appliances.
  • Do not leave the garbage bin next to the counter, put it in the garage.
  • One of the easy fixes to update a kitchen are new knobs, stainless knobs or pulls do wonders, but keep with the integrity of the kitchen. A "too" new knob will only make the kitchen feel more outdated. 
  • Organize the pantry, remove any excess, store in acrylic containers.
  • Put the soap dish, lotion containers, brushes all under the sink, looks neater.
  • Put out a teapot with a pop of color or copper on the stove. No scratched up ones, this gives an inviting touch.
  • Set out a bowl of fresh lemons, the fragrance along with the pop of color always looks great!
  • Take away the pet bowls for showings as not all buyers are pet-friendly.
  • Put down a new throw rug.

  Remember what you looked for in your new home and kitchen, that is what buyers are looking for in yours!