Our Luxury Real Estate Agents' Tips - LAS VEGAS SPORTS & RECREATION

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While most Las Vegas sports news focuses on the upcoming Raiders move, the city has many sports opportunities for residents. Get our luxury real estate agents' tips for uncovering the Las Vegas sports scene.


Las Vegas is a golfing city. Favorite courses include the Bali Hai Golf Club, which is located on the Strip and offers a lush, tropical oasis vibe. Or try Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. Twenty-five miles from downtown Las Vegas, the exclusive golf resort boasts three courses which rang among the top 6 Nevada golf courses.

Trail Running

Whether you love nature, want to get a few miles in, or want to train for a marathon or ultra, Las Vegas offers incredible trail running opportunities that let you test your body in nature. Trail running opportunities include Lake Mead, the country's largest manmade reservoir; Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, a stunningly scenic area located a few miles outside of Las Vegas; and Union Hills, which offer flat and hill training opportunities.


Landlocked Nevada might not seem like an obvious choice for boating adventures, but elite Las Vegas residents know better. The city's boating opportunities include Lake Mead and Black Canyon River. Outside city limits, the Colorado River offers additional boating adventures.


Polo is as much a spectator sport as an athletic event, so whether you're an equestrian or simply love the spectacle of the elite game, polo is a can't miss event in Las Vegas. Look for the annual Las Vegas Polo Classic, held in spring.

Recreational sports are a great way to keep in shape, but these days most Las Vegas luxury homes for sale come with fully-equipped private gyms. To see the latest homes for sale and find your dream residence in the Las Vegas hills, contact us.