Luxury Real Estate Agent - Anthony Spiegel Las Vegas, Nevada

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Born and raised in Beverly Hills, Anthony grew up with the real estate business in his blood. His grandfather built homes in the San Fernando Valley while his father financed and invested in both commercial and residential properties. 

Anthony attended UCLA, where he earned a bachelor's degree in political science and an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship. He worked in real estate development in Indian Wells, California before moving to Las Vegas, where he was the director of business development for the Sands Corporation and later a consultant for the Life is Beautiful festival.  Most recently, he was executive vice president for EHB Companies, where he was exposed to high-end developments from a builder's perspective. Anthony's appreciation for beautiful, comfortable and inspirational spaces led him to ISG, where he's able to represent luxury properties while understanding both aesthetics and practical function.  

Believing that life is about connectivity and contribution, Anthony has devoted time to mentoring youth through the Core Academy and helping families with the financial burden associated with pediatric cancer through the Tyler Robinson Foundation.  He is excited to be a part of ISG and views Las Vegas as a land of opportunity where he takes pride in matching clients up with the perfect home.