Las Vegas Residents - Are You Ready To Soar The Stars?

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Las Vegas has been at the forefront of many innovations in lifestyle and entertainment, including fast cars, showy motorcycles, electric vehicles, personal helicopters and jets, speed boats and racing vehicles, personal jets and helicopters, and other futuristic devices -- think motorized skateboards or personal flying machines.

But nothing may excite the imagination more than escaping the bounds of earth and taking off for the moon and the stars.

SpaceX, with Elon Musk at the helm of the innovative aerospace company, wants to make that option a reality rather than the dream of science fiction writers. While the day that an individual may board a flight with a specially designed backpack for space exploration may be far in the future, the company has already set 2021 as a target date for the launch of the first commercial mission on Starship, its sleek vessel designed to fly payloads to the moon and eventually to Mars.

These are not only exciting times for SpaceX but exciting times for Las Vegas residents, who may be some of the first commercial passengers to book "out-of-the-world" flights. Space travel, at least in its early stages, will not be for the budget traveler. Well-heeled Las Vegas residents, with a desire for an unusual experience, are sure to be among the first to sign up.

While it might not be on the bucket list of most people, even those with the cash to purchase a roundtrip ticket, we are certain that boarding a flight to space, even if it's simply a short jaunt into weightlessness, would yield stories to tell for years to come.

It's not so far-fetched, after all. Remember, it was only a bit over a century ago that the Wright brothers took off from Kitty Hawk. And we all know what resulted from that!