Las Vegas Real Estate Tips: WELCOME TO THE "DOG DAYS OF SUMMER!" by Denise Reichartz

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For those of you (me included) who didn't know where this phrase came from, let me enlighten you!

To the Greeks and Romans, the "dog days" are actually a reference to the fact that, during this time, the Sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the brightest star visible from any part of Earth and part of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog.  This is why Sirius is sometimes called the Dog Star. In the summer, Sirius rises and sets with the Sun.  On July 23rd it is in conjunction with the Sun. Because the star is so bright and hot, they referred to this time as "dog days". Well, however interesting the fact is, it is just plain hot out there! 

When I show homes to my clients the first thing they see, of course, is the front of the house, the lawn or well-kept flower beds. We all know it is the first impression of a home that sells it and that is the reason the front of the house should look well cared for. I look around and see some fabulous "faux" or green lawns, some have natural landscaping, rock, native plants. I have the great pleasure of working with Mike Lawrence from Land View Landscape. Mike (702-812-7538) has the ability to visualize a brand new home with "dirt" in the backyard and come up with Plan A, B or C... while working within your budget. He is able to "enhance" your existing landscape, but his knowledge and ability to design and implement built-in BBQ's, entertaining spaces, raised stone benches, hardscapes and to work with pool contractors to create your ultimate resort backyard as well, is equally impressive! You name it, this guy can do it! I think one of the best things to know in this desert climate is your plant material, what will grow, what will make it, but also important, is what will my landscape look like in 5 years? Do I have play areas for my children? Do I need a dog run?   

I asked Mike for his thoughts on the local landscape and he was quick to give me his likes and professional advice on what makes landscape interesting and more importantly integrates with the "feel" of a home. 

"Once we have passed the peak heat of the year, September is really the ideal time to install almost all plant material. Planting in late summer, early Fall gives the plants an opportunity under less stress of the heat to establish themselves in their new environment. Shade trees, shrubs, desert plant material, and annuals can all be introduced to the landscape with high expectations. Some of my favorite plants options for lush settings, Carolina cherry, Creeping fig, Crape myrtle, Sweet bay laurel Japanese Blueberry, Iceberg Roses, Giant lily turf, carpet rose, winter gem boxwood, Star Jasmin Espalier, and Yew pine. A few for Desert/Modern landscape include Blue Agave, Kangaroo paw, Perky Sue, Century plant Moroccan mound, gopher plant. For a traditional/tropical setting, Sago palms, Germander, Daylily, Star Jasmine, Wilson olive, Glossy Privet, Wilson Olive and Bottle Trees. You can't go wrong with introducing Citrus of all kinds into any space and incorporating these trees create some personal interest. Meyer lemon, Mexican Lime Eureka Lemon, Navel Orange, Tangelo, and Red Grapefruit are all great options for our climate". 

So now that you have some insight on Vegas landscape, let me find you a home to go with it! I have some great new listings and it is always a good time to list or buy a home. Everyone needs a place to call home, a job relocation, children getting ready to start school, empty nesters, there is always a reason and motivation to list a home or find a new one. By the way, I help in new home communities as well and it does not cost you any more to bring me in! Please remember to call me before you go into a new home community, that way I can help, I work for you, not the builders.