Las Vegas Neighborhoods Continue to Impress Luxury Real Estate News

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Living in Las Vegas has always been an out-of-the-ordinary experience, but with the continuing development of exclusive new neighborhoods, residents can capture their dreams and express their individuality in distinctive ways.

The city has always boasted a high percentage of luxury housing. But today's options -- for privacy, security, style, amenities, and convenience --- boggle the mind. The menu of choices continues to grow. The Ivan Sher Group, with a reputation for excellence in luxury real estate, is well-equipped to assist buyers and sellers with all their real estate needs.

Because the Las Vegas luxury market is so unique, high-rise downtown condos that offer a birdseye view of the city coexist with sprawling desert estates that capitalize on privacy.

Newer subdivisions have altered the face of the city over the past several decades, with new neighborhoods approved on a regular basis. An uber-exclusive recently-announced Summerlin community features estate lots with price tags up to $10 million for the dirt alone! Although that may not be the norm, even for Las Vegas, the news offers testimony to the lifestyle appeal and the real estate values of this city.

Other planned new developments feature lakeside lots with private boat docks, breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and desert from hilltop locations, or a focus on sustainability and efficiency that is without equal in other areas. In one entire new-home subdivision, each home will be sold with an included electric-vehicle. Charging stations, solar panels, and battery backup generators promise energy self-sufficiency.

Living in Las Vegas, for residents who want to claim the "prize," offers a glimpse of the future, where innovation, luxury, and beauty are seamlessly melded into the whole.

Can we help you find your place here? We promise you it will be anything but ordinary!