Las Vegas Attractions: Neon Boneyard 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North

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There's something about neon!

Part of the mesmerizing appeal of the Las Vegas Strip, in addition to the out-of-the-world grandeur of the architecture, has always been the glittering neon signage. But what happens to old neon signs after a casino closes its doors or its use is no longer needed?

In Las Vegas, many of them still live on and are actually available to gaze at and snap pictures with. The Neon Museum, which offers both guided and self-directed tours of old signs, includes two outdoor "boneyards," indoor display space, and a changing schedule of special events and exhibits. The unusual museum is located in the heart of the city, at 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North. It opened in 1996 in an effort to preserve this distinctive facet of the city's past.

The original La Concha Motel lobby was saved from demolition and moved to its present location in 2006 to serve as the museum's visitor center.

Eleven pieces of iconic old neon have been restored, and are lighted for nighttime tours. Others remain in damaged condition on open lots, but they also may be viewed up close and personal during photo tours or specially-scheduled walks.

A variety of ticket options are available to offer a unique activity and provide unusual memories of a Las Vegas visit. Some enterprising couples have also scheduled wedding photo shoots at the Neon Boneyard.