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Xuberance Las Vegas came about because of the personal experience of owner and founder Gene Carrejo. While living in Texas, he had undergone what he terms as a personal transformation that restored his youthful vitality and zest for living.

When he and wife Lisa relocated to Las Vegas, he was unable to find a similar health and wellness center with the comprehensive solutions he sought to help him maintain his goals, so he decided to create one. Gene and Lisa note that the mission of Xuberance is a simple one: they strive to help clients improve their overall health. By assembling a team of experts to address hormone balance, offer nutritional support, design personalized training regimens, and provide diversified spa services, the couple created a bespoke program entirely focused on individual needs.

Rather than a simple menu of available services, Xuberance begins with a baseline series of physical assessments and works with a team of medical professionals, dietitians, trainers and service providers to customize a wellness plan for every individual.

Both Lisa and Gene are passionate about their mission to help people of all ages achieve lasting wellness. They note that Xuberance is “more than a gym", and that their comprehensive program offers results because it is science-based. From nutrition guidance to health and vitality tips, from high-energy workouts to state-of-the-art cryotherapy and a full range of massages and facials, this transformative Las Vegas health center can almost be classified as a destination resort.

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