Global Sustainability Starts in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas may have a reputation as America's entertainment capital, but the city is reinventing itself as a bastion of sustainability. It's exciting to live in a city where so many players are committed to reducing waste and finding sustainable solutions to energy needs. Here are some of our favorite sustainable trends in Las Vegas.

Water Conservation

With its arid climate, drought is a major concern in Las Vegas. Within the last decade, the city's water reclamation program has curbed water usage by over one-third.

Solar Power

Las Vegas has made a major investment in solar, with some of the largest solar arrays in the nation. All government buildings are powered by solar, too. Solar power saves Las Vegas some $5 million per year.

Waste Reduction

Casinos, arguably the biggest draw for tourists, play their part by donating leftovers wherever possible. Unserved food is donated to a food rescue organization, leftover swag is distributed to schools and hospitals, and even old technology is donated to organizations that reuse what they can.

It's exciting to watch Las Vegas take the lead when it comes to sustainability, and we can't wait to see what comes next.