GEAR & TECH For Your Las Vegas Luxury Home

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Luxury Las Vegas real estate is equipped with the latest in tech trends, but what about your personal possessions? Our Las Vegas real estate agents rounded up their favorite high-end tech gear to inspire you.

Fitness Tracker With Smart Alarm Clock

Fitness trackers may not be new, but the smart alarm clock feature is new and noteworthy. The smart alarm feature draws on heart rate and sleep data fitness trackers are already collecting to wake you up at the optimal time according to your sleep schedule. This means you'll wake up at the precise time your body is ready to wake up and avoid the all-day grogginess that comes with waking up at the wrong time in your sleep schedule, such as during REM sleep.

Jaxjox KettlebellConnect

This smart kettlebell is the one piece of fitness equipment you never knew you needed...but soon won't know how you got along without. The smart kettlebell tracks your workouts and uses an app to keep you on track toward fitness goals. Plus, you can adjust weight easily -- from 12 to 42 pounds -- so you can always challenge yourself in workouts.

Smartech Xtend Suitcase

For luxury Las Vegas residents, no travel task is more frustrating than cramming needed items into a suitcase. The Smartech Xtend suitcase covers your travel needs by expanding up to 50 percent, to accommodate a large load. Plus, there's a charging port so you can charge your tech while you wait, without having to hover by a public charger. The small version is suitable for carry-on, while the expanded case must be checked.

Our agents are always paying attention to luxury trends, in-home goods are a must when searching for real estate. If you need assistance buying or selling a luxury estate in Las Vegas, reach out.