Desert Inspiration Las Vegas Luxury Homes

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Tucked in exclusive gated communities, the latest generation of luxury homes takes deep inspiration from the desert environment from which they spring. Here's what sets our favorite luxury Las Vegas properties apart from the rest.

Earth-First Materials

8 Vista Crescent Court and 7 Sable Ridge use rammed earthen walls for natural heating and cooling. The walls absorb desert sun all day then release it at night for a gentle warming effect.

Uniquely Set

Every property is an homage to the site on which it's set, and nowhere is this clearer than 15 Sanctuary Peak Court, where the stone walls and xeriscape garden seek to blend into the surrounding mountains for a private escape.

Distinguished Design

Today's luxury properties are part home, part event, due to distinguished design from innovative architects. Look no further than 3 Cloud Chaser Boulevard, which features an open dome topped central courtyard that invites the night sky in.

Luxury Amenities

Luxury amenities are a must-have in any premium Las Vegas property. Think infinity pools that stretch out into the sunset, overlooking the brightly lit Strip, as at 5 Boulderback Drive or 15 Cloud Chaser Boulevard.

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