Best Ways to Find a Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Agent

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There is no shortage of real estate agents in Las Vegas, but very few have extensive experience in the luxury market. Whether you're looking to sell your home or buy high-end real estate in Las Vegas, you deserve an agent who understands the luxury market segment and can advise you accordingly.

Ways to Find a Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Agent

Know Your Goals

It may seem counterproductive to take a step back when looking for Las Vegas luxury real estate agents, but hear us out: When you know exactly what you're looking for from your agent, you can find the perfect candidate quickly and with less stress. So what do you want?

For home sellers, that might be an agent who understands the Las Vegas real estate landscape through years of experience and someone who is connected to a real estate brokerage that's well-versed in high-end innovative marketing. You'll also want someone who really knows the ins and outs of your gated golf course community, this includes amenities and the value of location.

For real estate buyers, responsiveness and attention are key. You deserve to feel like you're getting the full attention of a real estate agent who totally gets your vision for your dream house -- not like you're the number-ten priority on an agent's list. It's also important that your agent understand your design taste. When you're looking to spend $5 million on a luxury villa overlooking the Strip, you'll want someone who can help you zero in on the homes that match your wish list quickly.

Seek Referrals

When you move in affluent circles, you naturally know people who've bought and sold high-end real estate, so why not ask for their recommendations? If a particular agent or brokerage comes up time and again, you can bet you'll find top-notch agents there.

Referrals also help you find out what it's like to work with a particular agent. You can go through your criteria from your goals to find out more specifically how long it took to close a home, how the agent marketed the luxury listing, average response time, and other metrics that are important to you.

Search for Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Agents

An internet search will help you identify high-end real estate agents serving the Las Vegas area. Round out your list of referrals by searching online to find agents that specialize in luxury home sales.

With large agencies, sometimes you won't actually be working with the star agent who drew you to that particular agency. They may pass you off to a team of agents. If rapport is important to you, make sure you'll actually be working with your desired agent before moving forward.

To set yourself apart from other luxury home buyers, show the real estate agent how you'll be a great client. Let them know you're ready to buy a home, qualified, and certain of your wants and needs.