​ Vegan Eating on the Las Vegas Strip

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Las Vegas is a land of many temptations, not the least of which are it’s delectable food options, from quick bites to multi-course dinners.

Lindsay Stewart and her husband arrived in the city five years ago and immediately embarked on a somewhat unusual quest: they were determined to sample the taste treats of every restaurant on the Strip. It wasn't long before this food fanatic was compelled to document her findings. Today you can follow her @thelasvegasfoodie on Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to taste-tempting photos of unique ice cream treats and gooey desserts, Lindsay features a variety of healthy options, and is quick to recommend the following:

Veggie Street: With several locations to choose from, the couple insists that the extensive menu takes the vegan lifestyle to new and exciting levels. Lindsay recommends the Veggy Cheeseburger on a soft pretzel bun. Dried agave and guarana quinoa make it extra special, along with hydroponically-grown local lettuce and tomatoes, she notes.

Taco y Taco Mexican Eatery: Great Mexican Food? For sure! But there's more at this popular, upscale spot than a choice of salsas and fresh tortillas. Fill your taco or burrito, or top a tostada with mushroom, cactus or soyrizo options and savor the flavor! A full-service bar is also available to quench any thirst.

Sumo Sushi: In business for more than 20 years, this restaurant delivers vegan rolls and fresh-veggie maki wraps with aplomb, in addition to more traditional sushi. You can't go wrong if you're in the mood for a wide variety of expertly-prepared fresh menu offerings, and a second location is recently open.


If you're looking for food that's not only good-looking but good for you, check out the choices for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free Vegas eateries.